Seeking SSDI/SSI Benefits For Mental Disorders

A certain segment of the population believes that mental disabilities shouldn't prevent people from being able to work — if it's all in the mind, after all, why not just "get over it"? Of course, anyone with this mind-set fails to appreciate just how devastating and disruptive a mental disorder can actually be. Disorders can cause panic attacks, nightmares, sleeplessness and a fear of public places so strong that it is almost impossible to leave the house, let alone hold a steady job.

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Who Is Eligible For SSDI/SSI Mental Disability Benefits?

While some mental disabilities are genetic, others are acquired through life experiences, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the condition, anyone with a mental disability that prevents him or her from working is considered eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. We have helped veterans, POWs, victims of child abuse/sexual abuse, victims of torture, refugees and even victims of violent crime secure disability benefits.

Mental Disabilities Can Be Difficult To Prove

It is not easy to demonstrate that someone has a mental disability without objective evidence. Making this even more difficult is the fact that many mentally disabled individuals believe (are certain, in fact) that they are perfectly healthy. Family members and loved ones may take part in this denial, and so a disability can fester and worsen for years.

By consulting with a psychologist, a patient can be diagnosed as mentally ill. In addition, when the patient shows signs of improvement after taking a prescribed medication, that is additional evidence that he or she is in fact mentally disabled and eligible for SSDI/SSI for a mental disability.

We have helped numerous clients with mental disabilities receive the benefits they need. Our clients work directly with our attorney, Howard M. Hyman, who is highly regarded among the local legal community for his legal skill, almost 40 years of experience and compassion for clients.