Don't Give Up On Workers' Compensation Benefits

When any injury prevents you from doing your job, the first question that automatically comes to mind is, "How am I going to put food on the table?" If you don't have much savings — and especially if you have a family — this question becomes exceedingly urgent. However, relief may be available in the form of workers' compensation benefits.

If you were injured on the job and have been denied workers' compensation benefits, your employer may be breaking the law. Our law firm can help. Meet with us at our offices in Philadelphia, Jamison or Cherry Hill for a free consultation with a lawyer.

Proving That The Injury Happened On The Job

In some instances, it is relatively easy to demonstrate that an injury occurred on the job. For example, if your foot was run over by a forklift, it is likely that plenty of witnesses can attest to this. However, if you slowly develop carpal tunnel syndrome or wake up one day with a very sore back, your case for workers' compensation benefits may become much more difficult to prove. In fact, your employer or its insurance company will likely argue that your injury was a pre-existing condition or that it was not a work-related injury.

The surest way to counteract these tactics is to hire an attorney with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge. Our attorney, Howard M. Hyman, has practiced law since 1979 and knows how to develop comprehensive workers' compensation cases. Rest assured, he will stand by your side until the end to ensure that you and your family receive the benefits you so desperately need.

Every Workers' Comp Case Is Urgent, So Contact Us Today

Please note that if the money available through workers' compensation is inadequate or the payments run out, we can also help you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

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