Reunite Your Family In The U.S.

Certain family relationships — either between spouses or between parents and children — may qualify you to live legally in the United States as a long-term resident, eventually opening the door to full citizenship. However, the rules and regulations governing immigration have become extremely tight and complex. The government seems to treat many immigrants with suspicion and will not hesitate to deny entry or long-term residence.

If you wish to move to the United States or to help a family member move to the United States via a family immigration petition, we can help. We can meet at our offices in northeast Philadelphia, Jamison or Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Complications With The Fiancé(e) Visa (K1)

Those who wish to use the K1 visa to move a fiancé(e) to the United States and/or people who wish to bring a spouse here face a complicated and lengthy investigative process. The government needs proof that you and your partner are actually a couple and will ask both of you many questions, including how long you have been together, whether you have any children and even whether your marriage is real (if no family was invited, officials become suspicious).

While there are many ways to prove that your relationship is valid, it may be difficult to do so without the help of an experienced attorney. Please note that if the government determines that you are trying to fool it into granting a family immigration petition, the consequences will be dire. Not only will you be denied entry into the country, but you may also be denied the possibility of ever entering the country again. In some cases, the government may even seek to press criminal charges.

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