Helping Individuals And Families With Immigration

Businesses, families, students and other individuals interested in entering the United States or obtaining permanent residency are required to provide certain kinds of information in a timely fashion. Understanding what forms and information to submit and when to submit them can mean the difference between obtaining a visa and encountering lengthy delays.

Understanding what information to provide and how to remain in compliance with immigration requirements is essential for avoiding complications and delays. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, call immigration attorney Howard M. Hyman today at 215-725-1950. We have offices in Philadelphia, Jamison and Cherry Hill.

Our Full Range Of Immigration Services

We work closely with professionals, companies, students and families interested in entering the United States. Our attorney represents clients in the following immigration matters:

  • Visas
    • E1, E2, E3
    • FB class family visas
    • H1B, H2
    • J class and J1 waivers
    • K1, K2, K3 fiancé(e) visas
    • L1
    • O1
    • Religious worker visas
    • PERM
    • E-Verify
  • Citizenship and naturalization
  • Deportation, removal hearings
  • Political asylum
  • Criminal felony charges
    • DUI
    • Drug possession
  • Marriage interviews
  • Oversubscribed visas

At our law office, we assist individuals and companies in avoiding complications that result in delays and denial of entry. If a visa is oversubscribed, our attorney will discuss other visa classes that allow entry into the United States as well.

Once a visa is oversubscribed, it may no longer be possible to enter the country under that particular visa. Businesses interested in hiring temporary or seasonal workers should be prepared to assist prospective employees with sponsorship and visa requirements to facilitate the process and avoid missing deadlines. Individuals of extraordinary ability or executives interested in working in the United States must also be aware of visa quotas and deadlines.

Contact Our Lawyer To Apply For U.S. Citizenship

To learn how we can help you with entry into the United States or an application for citizenship, contact our immigration attorney, Howard M. Hyman, today at 215-725-1950 or online. Free consultation.