We Take The Worry Out Of Probate

When a family member or friend dies, you may be named executor of the will and the estate. A probate court may also appoint you if there is no will. You may need help; the laws and procedures are complex, and it is important to do your duties correctly and avoid any bitterness among beneficiaries.

Howard M. Hyman, Attorney at Law, can help. We maintain a full-service estate planning and probate administration practice spanning the Philadelphia area, including western New Jersey.

Offering Comprehensive Services

If an estate is not large, a bank or trust company will not bother with probate administration. People then come to our lawyer for help with their fiduciary duties, including inventory and distribution to heirs, debts and tax returns, liquidation of assets and more.

Our practice is comprehensive. We can:

  • Make sure deadlines are met
  • Make sure tax forms are filed
  • Help with making arrangements for burial and mourners
  • Help with cleaning out the home
  • Handle probate litigation arising from disputes about inheritance or administration of the estate by another party

Mr. Hyman has nearly 40 years of experience in all aspects of estate and probate administration, including wills and trusts and dealings with trustees. He is professionally licensed to engage in probate matters, meaning that his career and record have been scrutinized by the Supreme Court.

Free Consultation

To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 215-725-1950. If you prefer, you can send us an email.