Protect Your Family And Your Finances

Creating an estate plan is an easy thing to put off. At Howard M. Hyman, Attorney at Law, we can assure you that you will be relieved when you have an estate plan to protect your family and express your wishes. We can evaluate your financial situation and identify estate planning tools that can protect your estate from certain taxes while providing financial support for your family.

Our practice has given peace of mind to hundreds of families through estate planning, wills, the creation of trusts, asset protection and probate administration. Our estate planning lawyer represents residents of the Greater Philadelphia area as well as residents of New Jersey.

Individualized Estate Plans

Some components of estate planning are standard, but the documents we prepare will be comprehensive and personalized to your unique circumstances. Components include:

  • A will to designate who will inherit what
  • Trusts
  • A living will and health care directive to state medical wishes
  • Durable powers of attorney for health care and financial action on your behalf if you are incapacitated
  • Asset protection through donating to charities and other techniques: You can create a charitable trust that will decrease your tax burden and contribute to a worthy cause.

Establishing A Trust

A trust is an effective way to provide financial means for a disabled child or ailing spouse, support for a cherished cause, or an education fund for a grandchild. Our attorney can explain how a special-needs trust, revocable/irrevocable trust, charitable remainder or testamentary trust can help you achieve your goals. If you are trying to plan for the health care needs of a family member, a trust can exempt funds from certain kinds of taxes and Medicaid eligibility calculations.

Probate And Estate Administration

Our services extend beyond initial estate planning. An estate requires periodic review and updating, and we are happy to do so for our clients. We would hate to see an estate plan that we established fall into disarray and cause problems in probate.

We also handle the probate of a will and distribution of an estate's assets after the owners have passed away. Regardless of whether an estate plan was well-drafted or an estate is in disarray, executors and administrators need assistance with probate administration to carry out their duties.

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