Business Formation Is Critical To Long-Term Success

When you start a business, it is crucial to choose the right entity. Depending on your business and your needs, you could be best served by incorporation or establishment of a business partnership or a limited liability company (LLC). Each one has certain implications for taxation, liability, etc.

But there are no easy answers. You need to sit down with an experienced lawyer who can walk you through the different options and help you choose the ideal one for you. Howard M. Hyman, Attorney at Law, has many years of experience in business law and can meet with you in a free initial consultation.

Types Of Business Structures

Our attorney can help you decide on a business structure and guide you through all the legal requirements. The main options are:

  • Incorporation, which establishes your business as a legal entity separate from its owners, giving it rights of its own
  • Business partnership formation, which formalizes the division of the legal liability, tax burden, etc. among owners of a business
  • Limited liability company (LLC) formation, which gives you a hybrid between a corporation and a business partnership
  • S corporation formation, which means no corporate income taxes on profits. Only certain companies can qualify as S corporations.
  • C corporation formation, which covers most corporations and does mean corporate income taxes on profits

Our services do not end when your business is established. Howard Hyman has an active practice in small business consulting, serving the ongoing needs of small businesses. He can help you comply with regulations and will use his nearly 40 years of experience to advise you on all kinds of business planning.

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